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Aug 21, 2015

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Card Solitaire GAME

This is the standard solitaire card game that everybody knows. If you want to enjoy a quick game of solitaire then this may be the card game for you.

- 1 and 3 card flip modes.
- Option to allow cards to be moved from the home stacks
- Keeps track of personal win statistics
- Portrait and Landscape mode support, auto-rotation
- Auto-save and resume
- Low resolution card set for small screens
- Notifies users of solitaire hands which no longer can be won
 - Photos can be used as the background for landscape and portrait modes.

Solitaire hands are randomly generated so that you enjoy a new game every hand. Not all games of solitaire are easily winnable, but we do what we can to filter out games with no solutions before you begin.

So give it a shot, and don't be shy about giving it a rating! Also if have a great idea for new features, questions, or perhaps found a bug that made it out please email me or post about it here.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

- Permissions Details -
- (Internet) This game is ad supported and as such it will periodically access the internet.
- Manifest instructions allowing Card Solitaire to be moved to external storage.
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