Cardiac Coherence - Mindfulness APK

This application helps you controlling your stress and achieve full awareness

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UpdatedNov 06, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperMartin Forget
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What this app is for?

This application allows you to help controlling your respiration by, at first make it more regular, then by reducing the number of respiration per minutes.

Just breathe in when the water drop is going up and breathe out when it goes down. A vibration allows you to follow the pace with your eyes shut.

A menu allows you to specify the duration of the exercise and the number of respiration per minute.

A notification can be programmed to remind you that it is time for some exercise.

Determining your current respiration rate

You can determine your current respiration rate by moving the water drop up and down. The chronometer will start and the number of cycles will increase each time you bring the water drop up and down.

The application can be run in the background. Simply start the exercise and press the home button and the vibration or the sound indicator will guide you.

NEW! A heart monitor functionality has been added. Just put your finger on your back camera and the application will monitor your heart rate. A graph shows your heart rate progression.

- Red heart indicates a pulse has been detected but not consistent
- Green heart indicates a steady pulse has been detected

Take note: The heart monitor is only available on devices that has a flash light with the camera.

It is possible to personalize your experience with profiles

No ads, no annoyances!

Note: Some users have reported issues with the animation. Make sure that your device is not in power saving mode or doen't have the parameter "animator duration scale" is set to 1 in the developer options menu. This behavior is linked to some changes made in Android Lollipop (5.0 and +).

What is cardiac coherence?

Following medical research neurocardiology, cardiac coherence is the name that was given to a reflex phenomenon discovered by U.S. researchers fifteen years ago.

It has been proven that Heart and Brain beat in unison: If our mind and emotions affect the heart rate, heart rate also has an influence on our brain.

By controlling you heart rate, you can also control your emotions, limiting your overall stress condition.

The easiest way to control your heart beat is by controlling your respiration. A slower, controlled respiration directly reduces and control the heart beat.

What's New

Fixed notifications problems with Android 8+

Email: martinforgetdev@gmail.com

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