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Aug 31, 2023
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Cari Kata Indonesia GAME

Puzzle game genre is not new, this game has been present since the first and well known among the gamers, but it is also quite diverse fans, be it children, adults and the elderly.

What makes this game favored because puzzle games are generally simple and boring, but generally the game is never finished.

Upon consideration of the strukturkode studio called to enliven this puzzle game genre by presenting a word search puzzle game Indonesian.

What the Game's Indonesian word?
Game Find the word (search words) Indonesa language is a puzzle game that is 100% using the Indonesian pretty fun to play, in addition to free games can also be played offline or without an Internet connection.

Some of the features possessed by Indonesian word search game is as follows:

a. Provides multiple levels with varying difficulty, each level will determine the number of grid or lattice, starting with the easiest level grid / grid measuring 6 x 6 rows and columns that have the hardest grid size 15 columns x 15 rows.

b. In addition to more than one level, this word search game also provides more than one interest categories you select and you are ready to play according to taste.

c. Features shared to social media
Enabling users to share medical data to the social.

d. rate
Allows you to give a rating to the game.

e. Settings
This game comes with a courtyard setting, which can be used to customize things related to the game.

What makes this game worthy for you to test because the game is very fun and can be played by anyone, be it by the adult children and parents sekrlipun.

How to play the game find the word
How to play the game is quite simple search for the word, in this game you will be served a board that contains random characters and you will also be presented with a list of words by category.

To complete the word search game your task is to find words on the board according to the words contained in the word list.

You can do a word search with multiple formats, namely:
-from top to bottom
-from bottom to top
-From left to right
-From right to left
-Diagonal from top to bottom oblique to the left or to the right
-Diagonal from bottom to top, tilted to the left or right side

If you find the arrangement of the characters that make up a word you are looking for, you can use your finger to select words, if the words you selected to match the words contained in the word list, then you managed to find the search terms.

Game will end if all the words Enhancing list of words found. you will get a reward in the form of 1, 2 and 3, 3 is only intended for those who happen to successfully complete all challenges in a timely manner.
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