Carrie Happyhouse, a casual App for everyone. It is easy and fun to play!


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Jun 3, 2019

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Carrie Happyhouse GAME

Player can enjoy variety of simple and exciting mini-games.
Earn gems and coins throughout the App.
Purchase decorative items for your character and your very own room.
Share your room and character to your friends, and challenge them to Multiplayer mode!

* Special characters with adorable personalities
- Cute and playful Carrie
- Kind and elegant Ellie
- Mischievous and energetic Kevin

* Fun, exciting mini-games
- Enjoy various mini-games—Organize Toys, Pop Balloons, and many more—earn gems and coins.
- Play easy and fun mini-games with your friends. See if you can beat your friend's score, and challenge them!

* Over 1,000 Decorative items give character a wide-range of customizable option
- Fit your character with various hairstyle, outfit, accessories, and more.

* Various Themes for player's room
- From zoo to palace, pick a theme for your room to fits your style and your character.

* To store and manage photos and data we ask for the following permissions:
It is not used for anything other than what is stated above and to run the game.

* Essential Access Rights
Storage Permissions (required) - This permission is required to install games and save
game data.
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