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UpdatedJun 05, 2020 (5 months ago)
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Thank you for playing Cartoon Troopers!

* Major update coming soon August 12th.

Cartoon Troopers is an exciting action-platformer in which you will have to fight with other players for the title of the best shooter on the planet! Cartoon Troopers is an opportunity to meet your enemies face-to-face in real time. Move around, choose the most suitable weapon and shoot: the victory depends only on your skill.

🔥 RUN AHEAD with a shotgun.
🔥 WAIT with a sniper rifle.
🔥 ANNIHILATE with a machine gun.
🔥 Ambush the enemy with grenades.
🔥 HOLD the CHAMPIONSHIP with a submachine gun.
🔥 FIGHT TO the LAST with a knife.

🎮 You can choose from three different characters. It all depends on your style of play: will you be an indestructible tank or a quiet sniper who is located in the corner and does not leave the enemy even a chance? Or are you a brilliant strategist who knows all about offensives and retreats? Only you can choose.
If you are bored of dominating alone, you can always call a friend to make the arena a real hell. Any game is more fun when it is played with friends!

🎮 Cartoon Troopers is a 2d online shooter. And believe me: with its furious pace, you can't relax at all. Before the beginning of the battle, the player will be offered a choice of 3 character classes:
🔥 Normal — the most balanced and mentally balanced fighter. Represented as a blue square, it has equal health and damage points. His favorite weapon is a submachine gun.
AG Agile-combat yellow triangle with maximum damage, but, alas, very weak health. A sniper by profession, it is suitable for players who practice blitzkrieg tactics. Participates in the battle to earn a ticket to a health resort.
🔥 Tough-a brutal triangle, which, judging by the color, served in the Green berets. The weakest damage, but it will have to put more than one magazine in it before sending it to the square forefathers. Weapon: sawn-off shotgun.

🔥 Bright and dynamic 2D graphics.
🔥 Battles for 6 people in real time.
🔥 A huge number of weapons and items scattered around the map.
🔥 Six characters to choose from that will help your style of play.
🔥 Convenient control that does not interfere with the game.
🔥 Excellent optimization: the game will run even on weak devices.

🎮 ESports tournaments in Cartoon Troopers can and should be organized. What else is an online shooter for?

🎮 We do not force players to spend thousands of USD to open the "win button". We have built the gameplay so that experience and dexterity become the main allies of our players. Enjoy the game, following the only important goal – to become the best of the best, crushing all who dare to stand in your way. Do it with Cartoon Troopers.

🎮 Intuitive controls, simple and addictive gameplay – everything you need to get the title of one of the best free games for mobile devices. Light and beautiful graphics provide a smooth image even on the weakest smartphones. Install the game now and see if you can break away from it.

🎮 This exciting 2D action game will fill your phone's piggy Bank with the best Google Play shooters, and will give you daily positive emotions from the feeling of competition and victories over other strong enemies.

🎮 We are actively developing Cartoon Troopers.


What's New

New weapons/characters!
New Maps!
Simple and Amazing Gameplay!

Email: menriquez82@gmail.com

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