CarX Street Open World. let's enjoy it with carX street


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Nov 24, 2022

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CarX Street: Racing Open World GAME

With realistic CarX Street racing on highways and city streets, high speed drift racing, CarX Street is a dynamic and open racing game.

This CarX Street game is about racing cars in Street X. Racing at high speeds or drifting around corners is possible with any car. Become the most skilled racer in this town by joining clubs, defeating bosses and proving you're the best!
The dynamic and open world of CarX Street will make you feel like a real free street racer. Be the legend of Sunset City and accept the challenge. High speed drift racing, realistic highways and street racing.

CarX Street Racing 2
CarX street online
CarX street open world

let's enjoy it with carX street.

Car behavior physics will be unlocked as you build your dream machine using detailed tuning.
In CarX Street game you have to explore all the streets. A world of exciting car racing awaits!
It's time to conquer the clubs, accelerate to the maximum, and let's go for the turn!
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