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Save money by getting the maximum cash back from your credit card purchases!

Does your credit card(s) have cash back rewards? If you have more than one cash back reward perhaps you find it difficult at times to recall what credit card corresponds with what cash back rewards? With Cash Back Reminder you can simply open the app and find your credit card that gives cash back in the category you require enabling you to utilize the maximum amount of cash back for every purchase!

For example, let's say that Credit Card A has 1% cash back on every purchase, and Credit Card B has 3% cash back at the grocery store and Credit Card C has 2% cash back at the gas station. It might be easy to mix up or forget where to use what card. Before you use your card, open the Cash Back Reminder app to make sure you are using the card with the most cash back rewards potentially saving you hundreds!

Let's do some simple calculations on how we can come up with an estimated savings. The average family in the USA spends around $302 per month on groceries. Let's say that you have a credit card that you regularly use, Credit Card A, because it is commonly accepted and has great rates. Now let's say your "backup" card, Credit Card B, has a cash back reward for 5% at the grocery store, and another "backup" card, Credit Card C, gives you 5% back at the drug store. Usually you do not use Credit Card B at the grocery store because you can't remember if it is Credit Card B or C with the 5% cash back reward at the grocery store, so it's easier just to use Credit Card A, or you might even take a guess and mistakenly use Credit Card C, and you receive no cash back rewards. With Cash Back Reminder, you can simply open the app, check whether it was card B or C that rewards you for purchases at the grocery store, and voila, you save 5%. $302 x .05 = $15.10; $15.10 x 12 = $181.20. You would now be able to save $181.20 a year! That's not counting your drug store purchases for the year which would likely add another $100 your yearly savings! That's nearly $300 a year an average family can save by using this app!
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