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1.0 · Dec 04, 2020

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Cash counter Money calculator app

Money cash calculator

Cash Counter & Calculator is specially designed for Indian user to calculate daily counter of a shop, or a user can use it for banking purpose. cash calculator money counter.

By using this app you can easily calculate multiple currency notes and then app will tell you aggregate Total amount in Units and in Words. All you have to do is just enter the count of each currency notes and it will tell you exact total of money you have.

The Cash Counter is very useful to the teller who is working in financial sector as it is time saver & comfortable for cash maintain,maintain cash dealing. The Cash calculator app is helpful to deal with large amount of money.Share counting details to any social media and app. Indian currency denomination Calculator. Get total in words also (Indian style) daily cash, speak total amount in English. bill counter, daily counter. Cash Calculator for cash counting and saved that file at safe location for further use.

Easy cash calculator for cash calculation.
It is used for cash calculation. A cash counting machine should be used for cash counting at any business location these days. But, it is impossible to take that machine into your open business. This helps to calculate cash as a calculator. The calculator press button delivers the results, but the entire application is live and if you want, you can save transactions on the spot. If you need it, you can share this transaction with the public. This app can be used for multipurpose in the economy.

Cash Calculator India lets you calculate total amount of money in forms of currency notes easily. Tally your cash amount with this app.

Cash calculator contains all currently available currency notes in India. Best money calculator app.

We have included following currencies notes,
✔ Rs 2000
✔ Rs 500
✔ Rs 200
✔ Rs 100
✔ Rs 50
✔ Rs 20
✔ Rs 10
✔ Rs 5
✔ Rs 2
✔ Rs 1

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