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NameCash Plus APK
Version1.0.3 (103)
UpdatedJul 26, 2021
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Cash Plus-India Personal Loan Platform app

Online loan platform provides secure personal credit services

Cash Plus is is an online loan application platform that provides secure personal credit services for Indian users. Safety and efficiency are our tenet.

🏆 Loan information:
👉 Loan Amount: from ₹2000 to ₹20,000,
👉 Loan Process: 100% online application process,
👉 Loan Term: 100 days (shortest) to 180 days(longest),
👉 Interest Rate: APR range from 10%(Minimum) to 30%(Maximum),

Example of repayment of principal and interest at maturity:
If you take a loan with a limit of ₹20,000, an annual interest rate of 10%, and a period of 100 days:
Daily Interest = ₹20,000 x 10% / 365days = ₹5.48
Total Interest: ₹20,000 x 10% / 365days x 100days = ₹547.9
Daily Repayment: ₹20,000 / 100days + ₹5.48 = ₹205.48
Total Repayment: ₹20547.9

Example of monthly repayment:
If you take the same loan of abow example,and your repayment begin from January, your monthly repayment detail is as follows:
January: 31days * ₹205.48 = ‭₹6,369.88
February: 28days * ₹205.48 = ‭₹‭5,753.44
March: 31days * ₹205.48 = ‭₹6,369.88
May: Repay all the remaining principal and interest: ₹20547.9 - ‭₹6,369.88‬ - ₹‭5,753.44 - ₹6,369.88 = ₹‭2054.7

📚 Loan eligibility description:
✅ Need to be Indian Resident,
✅ Need to be above 18 years old,
✅ Need to have a legal source of income.

📲 Application process:
👍 Install our App from the Play Store,
👍 Register and log in with your mobile number,
👍 Submit some basic personal information to verify your credit ability,
👍 Submit the required loan application and wait for review,the review result will be sent via SMS.

We will adopt strict security measures to protect the security of your personal information, all data is transmitted through the secure HTTPS protocol and will not be leaked to anyone.

Contact Us:
Customer Service Email: ☝️
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