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Feb 23, 2021
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Castle of Varuc: Action Platformer 2D GAME

Castle of Varuc is a free action platformer 2D.
The game tells the story of the castle that is controlled by wizard Varuc. Game in the style of a classic dark fantasy platform game. Everyone who likes pixel art games will definitely be delighted!

In one of the kingdoms the evil wizard Varuc charmed the castle and the warriors guarding it. He turned his warriors into animals in order to protect the castle.
Nobody is among warriors of the king could defeat the horrible monsters.
The king has been searching a for warrior capable of freeing Castle.
Years later, the traveling warrior paladin Augur, whose name was a legend, volunteered to defeat the evil wizard for a reward! But his path will not be easy.

On his way he will meet the charmed warriors of the castle and various traps placed by the wizard Varuc so that no one could reach him. Improve your character skills. Defeat the enemies to free the castle from the magic spell of the sorcerer Varuc.

Main characteristics:
• Free: levels, updates, hero improvements.
• Exciting and dynamic action action platformer 2D in the style of pixel art.
• Easy to learn and addictive gameplay.
• The ability to play without the Internet.
• Stunning animation and high quality graphics.
• Levels with a unique landscape, secret rooms, hidden objects.
• A modern platformer with a double jump, a quick dash, climbing the wall.
• Attractive pixel art graphics and mobile interface.
• Epic boss battles.
• Improve your hero, pump skills.
• Rating points and achievements.
• Unique character, enemies and bosses.

The combat system of the main character: the effect of camera movement, animated effects of blows, several types of combat, a blow from the back after rolling, the effect of scattering drops of blood in each direction when the enemy dies. In order not to lose, you need to have time to dodge the blows of enemies, to be constantly on the move.

Explore the castle and secret rooms. Run, jump, climb the wall, attack enemies using convenient mobile controls. Collect gold coins, bottles of life and keys! Defeat the enemies, upgrade the character to pass the castle and free the Varuc from the wizard.

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