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3 FREE casual games: Endless/Infinite Runner, Bubble/Marble Shooter, Memory Game

Version2.4 (9)
UpdatedDec 12, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperDigital Entertainment Magic
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3 casual games, all FREE!
Casual Game 1: Endless Sub Run
Casual Game 2: Bubble Shoot Fun
Casual Game 3: Memory Card Match
Why settle for just 1? Get 3 FREE casual games with just 1 download.

Everyone should have uncomplicated and relaxing casual games that are easily accessible whenever and wherever the urge to play arises. This bundle gives you all of those benefits in the form of 3 highly addictive, fun, and relaxing games that will provide you with hours upon hours of casual gaming bliss while totally oblivious to the passing of time. These are 3 games from 3 different genres that can fit different gaming moods and situations all easily accessible through a single app.

This is a highly addictive and challenging endless/infinite runner type of game. You are at an underwater sea base and assigned to a submersible. You are tasked to accomplish various types of missions that entail dodging stationary or moving obstacles and even incoming torpedoes. The shop provides you with numerous power-ups like revive, shield, sonic blast, speed boost, and submersible upgrade. Simply tap on the screen to move the sub up and stop tapping to let it float down. Controls are similar to flappy bird and other side-scroller endless/infinite runner type games.

This is a classic bubble/marble shoot match 3 game that's relaxing and fun at the same time. You group 3 or more similarly colored bubbles to have them fall. The objective is to clear out all the bubbles. To shoot a bubble, simply tap on the screen location you want the bubble to move towards. The game includes up to 1,750 LEVELS of bubble shooting fun.

Some studies indicate that human memory power peaks at age 25 after which it starts to decline. Why not sharpen your mind while you pass the time? Flex your memory muscle a bit by matching pairs of cards that have similar pictures. You can choose to match pairs as few as 2 or as many as 16. The game tracks your best performance per number of pairs so you can monitor the improvement of your memory.

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-FREE version is ad supported
-Purchase of any item offered through in-app purchases (IAP) also includes removal of ads
-An active internet connection is only required for online IAPs and social network sharing
-Non-consumable IAPs such as unlocks and the upgrade to premium version can normally & automatically be restored upon re-installation of the app. After re-installation, open the bundle, wait for a few seconds after the bundle menu loads, exit the bundle, and then re-open the bundle. Purchases should have been restored when you re-open the bundle. This process requires an internet connection to work.
-Consumable IAPs such as coins and revive power-ups cannot be transferred to other devices. This also means these items will be lost if you uninstall the app or somehow lose the saved data (damaged device, lost device, etc.) If removal of ads was accomplished through the purchase of a consumable IAP then that too will be lost and ads will again be displayed. Ad removal can only be restored after the loss of device data or uninstallation if at least 1 non-consumable IAP was also purchased before the problem occurred. The same is true for free versions converted to paid by only purchasing non-consumable IAPs. Since consumable IAPs can be purchased repeatedly, the Play Store does not record these items as already purchased by the user. Thus, this limits the app's capacity to persist data concerning consumable IAPs.

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