Cat Commandos is a 3D shooting game purrfect for anyone!


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Feb 9, 2023
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Cat Commandos GAME

Cat Commandos is a 3D shooting game purrfect for anyone! Jump into the boots of your commando of choice and fight back against alien invaders with power ups and kitty friends, then equip gear and level up to get stronger! Even if you've never played a shooting game before, the simple aiming and controls make it easy to pick up and play!

Humanity is on Earth no longer... Catkind, however, remains, and lives in peace and laziness.
That is, until the invaders started kidnapping innocent felines...

With your help, these kitties can kick some tail and accomplish their daring rescue meow-ssion!

Game Features

1. Super simple controls
With the automeowtic lock-on system, anyone can easily pick up and play!

2. Paw-er Up your gun
Spice things up with Paw-er Ups that can be collected in battle! Increase your shooting speed, fire giant meowssiles, and more.

3. Get Meowmentos for more strength
All of a cat's favorite things are here for you to find! Fish and fluff balls are just a few of the items that will increase your attack power, meowvement speed, and more.

4. Enlist kitty buddies support you in battle
Find kittens in battle to join in the fight, from providing meowvelous supporting fire to restoring your health!

5. Go for high scores
Defeat enemies in succession, build up your point meowltiplier, and go for a higher score!

6. Equip gear and level up your commandos
Equipping gear and leveling up is super simple. Collect dropped items in battle and make yourself into a formeowdable force!
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