Cat Patrol APK

This application is Social Game based on basic Action Game that with cats.

Version2.3.0 (2003000)
UpdatedApr 13, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

You can travel around the world together with three cats.
This application is Social Game based on basic Action Game that with cats.
By stage clear, Let's collect the jewelry in the world.
A hat is put on a cat or a ribbon is attached to it.
If you progress game cooperating with a friend, you become advantageous.
It can play for free. Money is not needed on the way.

The "patrol" button is pushed for beginning a game.
Select stage and cats.
If a game starts, cat will run.
"JUMP" button is pushed for jump, and "SLIDE" button is pushed for sliding.
Since a medal and jewelry have fallen on the way, let's gather.
It is game over when "HP", i.e., cat's Physical strength becomes empty.

"HP" increases in 10 minutes [ 10 ].
If you done "Osanpo" i.e., cat walks to other users, it will increase "HP" efficiently.

If you can "Lucky Touch" when you clear stage sometimes.
You will give lucky to other user.
If you give lucky mutually, you will get many points.

You can use medal and juelly in a shop.
You can buy hat, ribon, grass, and drink in a shop.
If you clear stage, It is better to wear a hat.

There is "daily point ranking", "juelly total get ranking".
A present can be got if 500 points are taken.

There is "Parallel world". It is a limited time offer.
There is Large value medal and rare juelly in this world.
Let's challange this world.

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