This app explains about the Law of Karma.

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The Buddha Says:

To understand your previous life
Look at what you have in your present life
To have a preview of your next life
Examine your daily act in this life.

This Sutra has changed the lives of many who have read it, for it explains the direct results of causes. It is also called the Golden Precepts.

The Law of Karma is expound directly by Lord Buddha during an assembly of 1250 followers during Buddha's time. Because of Karmic effects inherited from previous lives, some people are poor, some rich, some happy and some miserable.

These are four rules inseparable in obtaining happiness and prosperity for your next life. They are: to be dutiful to parents; to be respectful to Buddha, to Buddha’s teaching, and to Buddhist monks; to abstain from killing and setting free sentient beings; and to abstain from eating meat and be charitable.’

‘Destiny is aggregate karmic effects from the past. To believe in and practice this Sutra will bring you eternal prosperity and happiness.

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