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Connect, create and control your IoT projects

Version1.5.11 (108)
UpdatedJan 14, 2019 (2 years ago)
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Start your next IoT project or prototype right from your phone with the Cayenne project builder. Now supporting Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, over 100 LoRa-enabled devices, and any hardware brought in via MQTT API. Start your project or prototype in a fraction of the time.

You can add, manage and control sensors and actuators from your phone’s dashboard from a library of drag and drop widgets.

Features Include:

Easily setup microcontrollers and boards
✓ Quickly connect Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi boards and other devices to be managed remotely.

Integration of LoRa-enabled devices and networks.
✓ Provision, monitor, and control LoRa-enabled sensors on LoRaWAN™ networks.

MQTT API Release.
✓ Bring in any device (microcontroller, single board computer, sensor, motor or actuator) that is not in the Cayenne library via MQTT API.

Create custom dashboards with drag and drop widgets
✓ Customize the look of your projects with a fully flexible dashboard.

Add sensors, actuators, and extensions
✓ Create widgets to view and control the hardware connected to your project.

Customizable Project Builder
✓ Create custom projects and prototypes with mix-and- match widgets providing interoperability between devices, all on a single dashboard.

Monitor data and remote control your devices and projects
✓ Discover different ways to visualize data and control your connected hardware.

Easily set up triggers and actions for your projects
✓ Automate your project with easy to create if/then statements.

Create and manage actions with Event Scheduling
✓ Use scheduled events to trigger actuators or device actions at the time you choose

Check out our community using Cayenne: http://community.mydevices.com/

What's New

- Fix GPS sensor map history screen
- Fix Projects dashboard loading error
- Various bug fixes and improvements
- Various bug fixes and improvements
- Various bug fixes and improvements
- New authentication engine
- Various bug fixes and improvements
Bug fixes:
- Fixes displaying/updating GPIO values and functions
- Fixes adding TSL2561 and TMP108 UI discrepancies between Android and Web
- Fixes adding Alerts & Triggers for TSL2561 and TMP108

Email: feedback@mydevices.com

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