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Scared about your board exams? Do you want to top your Class 10 Science and Class 10 Maths exams? Use our CBSE education app & start learning in a 21st century way – through learning by doing! MarkSharks education app for 10th grade teaches students the material NCERT textbooks for Class 10 in a revolutionary way that allows for true understanding of concepts that will lead to long-term memory retention and acing of their STD 10 Science & Maths exams.

What is MarkSharks 10th Class Science & Maths learning app?

MarkSharks is an education app for Class 10 that teaches CBSE Science and Maths curriculum through the concept of learning by doing; a lot of interactive exercises & online test series. While there are many education apps out there, none of them are truly centred around the student. The MarkSharks education app is different in that it’s completely controlled by student actions - clicking of screens, solving questions, conducting experiment, etc. Our content is completely mapped to the NCERT 10 class textbook so that it has all the board exam material on it. However, we teach through easy, engaging modules for CBSE Class 10 Maths & Science syllabus, with notes & complete CBSE NCERT solutions for Class 10 Maths & Science.

When it comes to 10th standard Science & Maths, practice helps. MarkSharks education app encourages students to understand their Class 10 CBSE syllabus better, and we have plenty of questions to take before and after each chapter so that you totally cover all topics in Class 10 NCERT Science & Maths book. The app also easily lets you prepare CBSE Science & Maths notes. With interactive exercises, STD 10 Science & Maths have never been more interesting!

MarkSharks reinforces Class 10 Maths & Science curriculum that students have learnt in class and enables students to:

Truly understand what they need to learn
Revise what they learn after going to school
Test their knowledge by solving Science Class 10 and Class 10 Maths questions
Access 10th CBSE solved questions
Solve sample papers of Science and Maths of Class 10
Access Exemplar questions from the CBSE 10th syllabus
Practice with CBSE 10th question papers
Understand concepts from the NCERT Class 10 Science and Class 10 Maths book
Prepare NCERT Class 10 Science and Class 10 Maths notes faster

MarkSharks has complete coverage of the syllabus in the Science and Maths textbook for Class 10, together with Science Class 10 CBSE and Maths Class 10 CBSE notes & complete Class 10 Science and Class 10 Maths NCERT solved questions that will complement your NCERT Science book and NCERT Maths book.

MarkSharks education app is mapped to the syllabus of CBSE. It covers content from Class 10 Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology topics found in the 10th NCERT Science and 10th NCERT Maths book with content from books written by RD Sharma, Delhi.

1. Chemical Reactions and Equations
2. Acids, Bases and Salts
3. Metals and Non-metals
4. Carbon and its Compounds
5. Periodic Classification of Elements
6. Life Processes
7. Control and Coordination
8. How do Organisms Reproduce?
9. Heredity and Evolution
10. Light – Reflection and Refraction
11. Human Eye and Colorful World
12. Electricity
13. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14. Sources of Energy
15. Our Environment
16. Management of Natural Resources

MarkSharks Maths learning app for class 10 includes all topics.

1. Real Numbers
2. Polynomials
3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4. Quadratic Equations
5. Arithmetic Progressions
6. Triangles
7. Coordinate Geometry
8. Introduction to Trigonometry
9. Some applications of Trigonometry
10. Circles
11. Constructions
12. Areas Related to Circles
13. Surface Areas and Volumes
14. Statistics
15. Probability

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