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Courses on the following topics are obviously present in our application.
Cell Biology course
-Cell Biology course
- Introduction to biological chemistry
-Organization of matter
- Atomic theory
- Bonding between atoms
- Water and its properties
- Acids, bases, and salts
- Carbon compounds
- Biochemical Compounds
- Cell structure and function
-Cell theory
- Composition and function of cell structures
- Cell membranes and membranous organelles
- Comparison of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
- Comparison of plant and animal cells
- Comparison of autotrophs and heterotrophs
- Comparison of aerobes and anaerobes
- Classification schemes
- Kingdoms, their characteristics, and examples
- Cellular transport
-Structure of cell membrane
- Diffusion and osmosis
- Facilitated and active transport
- Endocytosis and exocytosis
- Bioenergetics
- Enzymes
-Energy and ATP
- Hydrogen and electron carriers
- Cellular respiration
-Aerobic respiration
- Anaerobic respiration
- Fermentation
- Mitochondrial structure
- Photosynthesis
-Nature of light
- Pigments
- Light-dependent reactions
- Light-independent reactions
-Chloroplast structure
- Cellular reproduction
-Binary fission
-chromosome structure
- Cell Cycle
- Stages of mitosis
- Stages of meiosis
- Protein synthesis
-Structure of DNA and its replication
- Structure of RNA
- Protein synthesis
- Chemical basis of mutation
- Genetics
-Gene and chromosome structure
- Mendelian genetics
- Incomplete dominance
- Multiple alleles and multiple gene pairs
- Sex linkage and autosomal linkage
- Mutations and genetic change
- Inherited Disorders
- Human Biology
-Medical Terminology
- Primary Tissues
- Basic anatomy of the major human body systems
- Advanced
-Basic chemical composition of living matter
- Structural characteristics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
- Taxonomy and characteristics of the major kingdom
- Mechanics of membrane transport
- Basic concepts of bioenergetics, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration
- Mechanics of cellular reproduction
- Mendelian genetics and genetic change
- Nucleic acids and basic concepts of protein synthesis and gene regulation
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-Cell Biology course
- Videos
-Cell Biology complete course

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