An app for use by Supervisors to provide daily performance feedback to workers.


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Dec 17, 2018
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This app is used for a transitional work program in which crew supervisors are able to provide daily feedback to each worker on five behaviors which low skilled entry level employees must master to be successful on the job. The behaviors include:

- Cooperation with Supervisors
- Cooperation with Co-Workers
- Effort at Work
- On Time
- Personal Presentation

These behaviors are grouped into three broad categories, Effort, Cooperation and Presentation. At the end of each day, using the app, crew supervisors will rate each worker on a three point scale. This information will then be provided to each worker who can track their own progress towards mastering these behaviors. Integrated with a program database, this data can be tracked by program staff. Staff use this information to assist each worker with improvements in these behaviors. As behavioral improvements are made, staff can then use this data to help match workers to private sector employers for full time, unsubsidised jobs.

This app also allows participants to earn badges for mastery of the behaviors.

This app helps to improve operational efficiencies by allowing the crew supervisor to check each worker in at the start of the shift. Integrated with the program database, workers’ attendance and hours populates payroll records which is used to produce a daily paycheck. Because this transitional work program runs a daily payroll for more than 300 workers in 10 cities across the country, with significant expansion planned, this operational efficiency adds the ability to provide more accuracy, and significantly more capacity to grow with a very limited increase in expenses.
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