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How to Make Lettering on a Blackboard Easily

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Chalkboard Lettering

How to Make Lettering on a Blackboard Easily - Maybe you've eaten at one of your favorite restaurants or cafes, then the menu is written on the board? really cool yes. Of course many people who want to be able to make beautiful writing or the term hand lettering on the blackboard media. Namu, looks not easy huh? even on plain paper aja not necessarily as good as that let alone on board.

Well for you who really want to write the Lettering, then this application is perfect for you because in it will be reviewed about how to make beautiful writing on the chalkboard (chalkboard lettering) let the results cool. But there are some things that need to be prepared in advance of them as follows:

Tools and materials:

- Whiteboard
- Chalk
- Graphite bars
- Pencil
- Writing templates

How to make:
1. Design the text you want. You can design text with the help of Aplikasi Grafis, can also use Word, PIcMongkey or other writing applications and graphics. When finished, printed on paper.

2. Turn the back of the paper back and then rub it with graphite bars. Make sure the paper is thoroughly rubbed so that the writing on paper can be transferred to the board perfectly. Actually you can transfer the writing to the chalkboard using chalk but it will take longer to rub it.

3. After the back of the paper is filled with graphite rubbing, position the paper on the blackboard with the graphite side facing down and attach it to the board. Use a pencil to thicken the writing, making sure to strongly press each letter. If there are bold letters, copy the edges of the letters. If your writing transfers are perfect then on the board will look vaguely graphite prints.

4. Now it's time you rewrite your writing design on the board using chalk. Make sure the design and detail of each letter you thick it perfectly. Happy lettering!

Please Download and Install this APPLICATION via your Android Smartphone for free.

Thank You, Good luck

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