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Aug 16, 2023
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Challenge Your Friends 2Player GAME

Have fun with your friends by playing multiplayer games and doing fun challenges.

You can choose from more than 40 minigames that can be played with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players.

If you don't have any friends to play with at the moment, you can play the 2 player games against AI.

Play more than 40 minigames. Some of the most popular 2 player games are:
- Tic Tac Toe
- Memory
- Ping Pong
- Air Hockey
- Four in a Row
- Car Racing
- Golf
- Red Hands

Challenge Your Friends is a collection of 2 player games, 3 player games and 4 players games with the best local multiplayer you can find. There are all kinds of games, sport minigames, 2 player battles, and many more.

Duel against your opponent and find out who is the best.

Challenge Your Friends requires two players and one device. This is not online multiplayer game, but both players play on the same device.
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