अंग संग दाती फिरे रक्षा करे हमेश | <br>दुर्गा स्तुति पढ़ने से मिटते 'चमन' क्लेश ||

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UpdatedSep 24, 2017 (3 years ago)
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In year 1951, Brahmrishi Pandit Chaman Lal Ji Bhardwaj ‘Chaman’ due to his immense devotion to Maa Bhagwati, was chosen and empowered by the Goddess Shakti herself to translate the complex 700 sanskrit shlokas from Rish Markandey’s Durga Saptshati into simple Hindi verses. What came out is what we have all cherished, read, and worshipped ever since then in such beautifully written poetry telling the Durga Stuti paath in a way that so smoothly gets within and becomes a part of our soul to act as an active source of power and energy in the hearts of all Durga Stuti readers.

Here, we, a part of Shri Durga Stuti Seva Parivar feel blessed again to bring you the same paath out of the books to devices that are getting closer and closer to us: smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Very soon, we plan to bring out the app for other formats like Kindle and Google playbooks also. Thanks for your immense love, appreciation, and support always!

Jisse teri kripa ka anubhav huaa hai
Wo hee jeev duniya mei ujjwal huaa hai

Jagat Janani maiyya ka vardaan paao
‘Chaman’ Prem se paath durga ka gaao

Sukh sampatti sab ko mile rahe klesh n lesh
Prem se Nishchay dhaar kar padhe jo path hamesh

Janm janm ke paap ye bhasm kare pal maanhi
Durga paath se sukh mile, iss meiN sanshay naahi


What's New

This release contains language options i.e Hindi and English for reading CHAMAN ki SHRI DURGA STUTI in preferred language.
User can start the paath from any chapter of the book and read in continuation.

Email: shridurgastutichaman@gmail.com

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