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SITARAM Naam Japa -- In Search of Acoustic Silence! Jaap Tarak Mantra Anytime

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SITASITARAM Naam Japa -- In Search of Acoustic Silence!
'SITARAM Naam' -- the Tarak Mantra remains 'the enabler of crossing' to the 'other shore' from the noiseful samsara. The beginning of 'life; has always been enveloped with noise and studded with blasting noise of sound called desire, craving and remaining dissatisfied always.
Thus we see acoustic vibration at life-level crosses different sectors of vibrations at the perceivable and experiencing levels. Then life returns to 'ulceration' state which is simple entering into silence which begins the theory of life and vibration.
Stresses that Japa and Simran should be such that every part of the body be it muscles, nerves and brain should be able to utter 'SITARAM SITARAM' is very involuntary fashion. Let we try to understand how it can happen?
While counting beads 'SITARAM SITARAM' remains in our throat and even creates a vibration in our tongues and then lips quiver and utterance appears. Similarly, sound at inaudible level in the state of simran and japa starts an inward journey. 'SITARAM SITARAM' we utter not as 'demonstrative societal level' but for the self and self alone. Here Nature tells us not to show your chanting to others at social level rather one should show it to SITARAM Himself and tell Him that you are taking His name and Showing Him as well.
Miracles of Chanting SITARAM Naam
SITARAM Naam means the name of the higher consciousness. It means SITARAM Naam leads towards the humanitarian values. When someone recites or chants the name of SITARAM his inner consciousness gets awake which gives him/her inner peace. benefits of Meditation and Yoga.

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