Chants Counter APK

Chants Counter is a simple and functional App to count chants.

VersionChantsCounter-3.0 (10)
UpdatedAug 14, 2020 (7 months ago)
DeveloperSunbird Apps
CategoryApps, Lifestyle

Chants Counter supports maximum 30 mantras that user can configure in App Settings. The mantras can be auto rearranged by count or name and manual rearrange option lets user select any mantra and drop it into an empty slot. Once configured, the mantras can be selected from a dropdown on the counter. This allows user to easily switch from one mantra to another and continue chanting.

There are three language settings - English, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. It is defaulted to use the phone language setting. The App supports both incremental and reducing chant count (count up or down). Additionally, the counter button can be set as spinning prayer wheel, spin in a loop or hidden which will display the image that user has selected for the mantra. If no image is selected for the mantra, Amitabha Buddha image is displayed.

If the mantra text is multiline, only the first line is displayed as title. User can switch the mantra picture display to show the full mantra text. The button for this switch can be found on the bottom right corner of the footer. The mantra display font size and orientation is user configurable.

Chants counted using other electronic counter or mala beads can be added to the mantra total count in Chants Counter. Tap the edit button (pencil icon) for popup form to add the chant count and the total number to be chanted for this mantra.

On closing the App, user will be prompted to save the chants data into file as backup. From the menu on Settings, there is an option to save chants data to file. If user changed handphone or in unlikely situation chant records are loss or corrupted, user can restore from the latest backup file.

What's New

Increased the number of mantra setup from 10 to 30 mantras - 3 pages of 10 mantras each in settings. Mantras can be auto rearranged by count or name and also manual arrange option.

Chant Counter Menu
- Share mantras with family and friends on social media
- FAQ page with sample screens, action icons and buttons

Settings Menu
- There is a reset mantras setup that lets user easily reset the all chant counts, mantra picture or reset everything
- FAQ on the action icons and buttons in settings

Email: sengmow@sunbirdapps.com

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