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Charm – #1 Face Yoga & Face Exercise App!

- Give your face a natural, beautiful and bright look in 21 days with Charm!

- Look younger and slow down skin aging in just 5 minutes / day with face yoga exercises!

- First results in just 1 week with facial massage

- Premium custom face workouts for youthful skin

- 30+ face exercises to tone & relax your face muscles

- Based on academic skincare research

- Easy video + detailed explanations

Charm is a personal skin-care course of facial massage and face exercises designed to smooth lines, lift eyes, tone cheeks, tighten the neck, and more. Facial exercises are recommended for men and women skincare of all age groups 25+, 35+, 45+, 55+ for naturally lifted, toned, healthier and fresh look and skin.

* Personal face yoga workout programs made for you

* Simple face exercises to do at home

* Just 7 minute skincare a day

* Visible skin and face-lifting effects

Does the method really work? Yes. It only adds a couple of minutes to your morning skincare routine and you can teach yourself to do it at-home.

How Facial Exercises Actually Work:

• Increase the blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and more nourishment to reach the cells of the skin and keep your body clear of toxins and fluids
• Remove tension and stress in the muscles
• Improve cell renewal

Our Face Yoga Program Includes:

• Learning the right technique for doing facial exercises
• Video guide explaining each face exercise
• Every day a new face exercise video lesson, reminders
• Take selfies before and after a course of rejuvenation training - face lifting

Our content includes 13 face workout plans and 43 face exercises. These plans can be categorized as follows:

• Anti-aging - By diving deep into the source of sagging and wrinkle problems, which are signs of aging, both increase the blood circulation and release healthy hormones on your face and have a tense appearance by working your facial muscles.
• Anti-stress - get rid of your headaches, neck tensions. Relax with a facial spa. Get your face relaxed by doing a facial massage.
• Stretching - Look the way you want with this face workout program dedicated to making you look like you should be - great!
• Skin improvement - Uplift your skin and apply a natural facial massage to your skin as you deserve.
• Skin tightness - Increase flexibility and re-interact with your youth with this skin tightness face yoga program.

Correctional anti-aging program of face fitness contributes to:
• Smoothing deep and fine wrinkles
• Muscle training and toning
• Elimination of sagging and swelling
• Improvement of blood supply and lymph flow

Taking face-building as a basis, you do not have to make sacrifices to youth and beauty. Our face gym exercises includes:
Super face lifting or face yoga program for the whole face (Fullface): Supports muscle tone of the facial skin and neck, prevents wrinkles, sagging muscles and skin.
Forehead & crown eyes: It will help to remove deep wrinkles and relieve excessive tension of the forehead muscles.
Self-lifting for the eye area: It will help to remove small wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes, relieve puffiness, ptosis.
Lips & Smile lines (nasolabial lines): It will help smooth out nasolabial lines, lift the lowering corners of the lips
Cheeks: It will help to remove the asymmetry of the cheeks, swelling, ptosis
Neck & jawline: For tightening the lower contour of the face, neck and décolleté

Face training (face fitness, face building) maintains muscle tone, face and neck skin, prevents sagging muscles and skin. Blood circulation and lymph flow improves, the skin tone of the face becomes even.

Remember, the sooner you begin to maintain a healthy state of your skin, the easier it will be to win the battle for youth in the future. The anti aging complex is aimed at increasing the overall tone of the face, tightening the skin and getting rid of skin aging.

If you have any questions or feedback, reach us at charm@broftware.com!

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