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Chat Rooms for Tango APK

Meet more people that use Tango now, and make new friends!

Version1.2.9 (24)
UpdatedMar 18, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperCupids Chat Rooms
CategoryApps, Social

Meet more people that use Tango now! This is a chat room dedicated to users that use Tango, so that they can find each other, and exchange Tango ids. Download this app to start chatting with REAL people in less than a minute.

Are you looking for more friends to add on your Tango messenger? Why not talk to people in real-time on this app? This app will take no more than 30 seconds to download! Give it a shot.

If you are offensive or post inappropriate pictures you will be banned. Please respect each other, and have fun. Report any non-complaint user in-app or email us.

Your privacy, and safety are important to us. All our Chat Rooms all have Language filters, and spam filters enabled. Additionally, you can control your own privacy by blocking people, or not allowing anyone to private message you. We actively block repeat offenders, and search out non-complaint users.

These chat rooms are maintained by, and are in no way affiliated with Tango.


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