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Chemistry Master 2020: Elements, Dictionary, Notes app

Master Chemistry with Notes, Q&A, Periodic Table, Dictionary, Scientists & More

Chemistry Master is the most comprehensive Chemistry application available. This app provides free Chemistry topics, a dictionary of chemical definitions, an interactive periodic table, a molar mass calculator, a solubility table & solubility summary, an alphabetical list of elements with photos & isotopes, a collection of great chemists and their inventions & lives, and almost all properties any chemical element can have -all in your pocket. It helps you to improve your knowledge, prepare for your exams, get help with your homework, and increase your mastery of Chemistry.

This educative app is designed for all levels of Chemistry learners: from primary school kids to high school students to university students doing their research. It has a clean interface that is based on Google's material design. As such, students like you can focus on learning particular areas in the wide subject that is Chemistry.

Application Features:
•Over 500 topics covering vital chemistry facts
•A detailed Chemistry Dictionary with 500+ definitions
•Comprehensive information about all Chemical Elements
•A powerful Molar Mass calculator, with 2000+ compounds already calculated
•Solve your homework instantly
•Get to know 100+ great Chemical Scientists who evolved Chemistry
•A Textbook away from your textbook - photos, sections & more
•Search for almost anything taught in Chemistry

500+ Chemistry vital Topics
Contains over 500 most significant chemistry concepts. Every topic teaches you from the very basic introduction to the most advanced concept and visualized with a beautiful photo. This helps you in your revision and you can use it as a reference. Each page contains an introduction. examples, equations, and detailed descriptions which are composed for all levels of Chemistry from beginners school to university to Masters.

Quick Reference Dictionary
Our Chemistry dictionary is the most comprehensive of all. It contains 500+ Chemistry terms. All definitions are briefly explained in the simplest possible language and equipped with a quick link to Wikipedia for reference.

*Periodic Table with Basic and Advanced properties of Chemical Elements*
Chemical elements are presented in order of their atomic numbers. Every element is described in detail with its Physical, Atomic, Material and Thermodynamic Properties. As a result, it gives you a useful platform for analyzing chemical behavior. This is helpful for learners/researchers pursuing Chemistry, Physics, and other sciences.

Get to know about great Chemistry Scientists
The app enables you to learn all about the people who made major contributions to Chemistry as a subject. by studying & experimenting with different aspects of nature. It lists and described more than 100 Scientists, their inventions, awards received, and personal lives.

Search anything, get results, learn, master
Search for anything you want to know and explore the Chemistry world. You can search for topics/notes, dictionary terms, chemical elements, and chemists and get results instantly.

Chemistry Master covers many topics. Some are listed below:
• Basic Chemistry
• Elements Classification
• Atomic Structure
• States of Matter
• Chemical Equilibrium
• Chemical Bonding
• Ionic Equilibrium
• Redox Reactions
• Colloidal State
• Thermodynamics
• The S-Block Elements
• The P-Block Elements
• General Organic Chemistry
• Environmental Chemistry
• Nuclear Chemistry
• Hydrocarbons
• Analytical Chemistry

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