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The "Chemistry Videos" app was developed to provide the mobile student with links to video tutorials posted on the Janet Coonce YouTube channel. These videos are an over-the-shoulder one-on-one tutorial of 3 dimensional concepts in chemistry. In addition to a link to the video, transcribed notes, comments and screenshots are downloaded to allow the student to quickly review and study the content covered in the video. For more information go to: http://janetcoonce.com/about/

The chemistry tutorial topics include:
VSEPR Theory
Hybridization geometry and bond angles
Sigma bonds and Pi bonds
Drawing Lewis dot structures
Fatty Acid Structures, Saturated/Unsaturated
Hydrogen Bonding
Polyatomic Ion Structures
Chirality (handedness) of drugs
Lattice Energy (Born-Haber Cycle)
Hydrogen bonding
Electronic and molecular geometry

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