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A chemistry study tool; balances chemical equations in word or symbolic form.

Version1.0.3 (4)
UpdatedMay 11, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperNicholas Paun
CategoryApps, Education

Chemlogic is an award-winning study tool for chemistry students that balances chemical equations, converts chemical names to formulas and converts chemical formulas to names.
Chemlogic can identify errors in your input and provide guidance to help you correct them.

* Chemical formulas and names.
* Ionic compounds
* Covalent compounds
* Acids
* Some organic compounds
* IUPAC retained and common names
* Pure substances and allotropes.
* Hydrates and polyatomic ions may be used in all chemical compounds.
* Word or symbolic chemical equations.
* Chemical reaction types.
* Single replacement
* Double replacement
* Neutralization
* Combustion of hydrocarbons

Curricular Connections:
Chemlogic implements the British Columbia Chemistry curriculum at the Science 9 (complete), Science 10 (complete) and Chemistry 11 (selected concepts) levels.

* Balancer: Balances chemical equations in word or symbolic form and completes chemical equations for common reaction types.
* Compounder: Converts chemical names to formulas and vice-versa.

Science Fair Project:
At the 2015 Canada-Wide Science Fair, I received a Senior Silver Medal for my science fair project, Chemlogic: A Logic Programming Computer Chemistry System.
In 2014, I received a Bronze Excellence Award for this project at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Developing this project has allowed me to explore computer science concepts and to study algorithms from both computer science and chemistry.

My paper, describing the design and implementation of this system, is available at

What's New

* Enabled reaction type analyis on Android devices.
* Corrected some bugs relating organic compound handling.


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