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Chess grandmaster is a free chess game to learn chess and become expert

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UpdatedJan 21, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperSaidovic apps
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This is a chess game that will help you to learn chess strategy and chess tactics. It is a free chess to play chess against computer, levels are increasing from beginner to the level of a grandmaster of chess. if you want to become a grandmaster chess or a champion like kasparov, kaprov or bobby fisher you should practic and play chess against computer and also play chess online and developping your skills in chess until becoming a grandmaster.
If you are beginner you should first get used to the chess board and chess pieces, and then begin with the easy level until you learn chess. The chess game is a good electronic chess game where you should make a gold chain of wins.Play chess online is one of the best way to become a big chess grandmaster. This is not chess 3D but it is a chess 2D with many levels.Chest games are the best games to develop a strategy & tactics mind so it is the best tool for your son or your daughter.
Chess Prime 3D supports both ‘one player’ and ‘two player’ game play, so you can play against your friends or against a challenging computer opponent. You can even edit the board and start the game from any set up position. That allows you to test your skills in different game phases, common positions, solve chess puzzles, etc. Also you can save your game and then re-load it anytime you want.
Game features:
- play either white or black - play chess against the computer - Chess 2D not chess 3D -themes for chess pieces - AI quick response time - time control (5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) - animated moves - highlight legal moves - easy to use interface design - auto-save when exit or phone ring - view captured pieces - full game history with chess notation - change the appearance of the board -

Email: outasaid@gmail.com

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