Chess Online is the ultimate all-in-one chess pack!


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Feb 26, 2016

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Chess Online is the ultimate all-in-one chess pack for enthusiasts. With thousands of players worldwide, the game features online multiplayer games against friends or random opponents, superb computer AI with six levels of difficulty, hot seat multiplayer, 40 chess puzzles, global leader board, Solo mode (includes time-limited game, start position setup, and handicap game modes), autosave to server during online play in case of connection loss, save options in Solo mode, highlighting of valid moves, move hints, and more.

You can remove commercial ads in game and access Grandmaster difficulty level with in-app purchase.

• Online multiplayer – play against friends or random opponents
• Chat while playing
• Superb computer AI with 6 difficulty levels
• Hot seat multiplayer (shared phone mode)
• 40 chess puzzles
• Global leader board
• Solo Mode includes time-limited game, start position setup and handicap game modes
• When playing online, the game is saved on the server if you lose connection (note: your game is saved for one week; if you don’t make you move for one week, you lose the match)
• Save/Load Game options in Solo Mode
• Highlighting of valid moves, hints and undo
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