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In The Romance of Fengshen, Su Dai was forced to sleep. Yang Xin used illusion to change his face with King Qi and spent a good night with Da himself.
Legend of the Bride White Snake was born 1,700 years later! Classical reproduction
"Relying on Heaven to Slaughter the Dragon" Zhao Minxin married the Mongol King, Zhang Wujiu was hegemonic and grabbed relatives: Minmei was my woman.
"Push Hands" Mei Heng left a surprising secret before she died. Liu Qingyang was foolish, but Chen Yifan collapsed on the spot.

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"All Good" takes you to see: "Su Daqiang" and their family, friendship, love
Beidou Division of the Great Song Dynasty is too old to reveal the secret of his life and experience. He succeeded in bringing back beautiful people and envying them all.
"My Lady" Wu Xin's parents came home to make fun of Jiao Junyan's cooking debut and won praise from Jiao Dad.
"Just to meet you" Mu Ziyun went bankrupt, kneeling in front of his mother's grave to repent, noble 6 words in forgive!
"Chung Er Legend" Qi Jiang dressed up as a woman and expressed her heart, but was relentlessly rejected by Qi Jiang!


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