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China is a huge country, where many fragrant, rich and delicious dishes were invented. There are basic dishes that can be found all over the country, however, the cuisine varies depending on the region. In Shanghai, eat Xiao moon bao (pelmeni), and in Beijing - Peking duck. But what else tasty can you try in China?

Food in the life of the Chinese occupies a very important place. After all, Chinese cuisine is a whole layer of world outlook and culture of the people of this country, originating back in remote antiquity, about three millennia ago. Numerous cooking methods and an exquisite and complex taste of over 20 thousand dishes with genuine fragrances, color, and, most importantly - their elegant design and a combination of the high skill of the chefs with the original serve.

After all, as one ancient proverb says: "There is no inedible in nature, but there are bad cooks." All these are indispensable attributes of a trip to the Celestial Empire, absolutely exactly the same as visiting the great number of attractions of this country. And without getting acquainted with the masterpieces and delicacies of the world of Chinese cuisine, your journey will not be complete and tasty!

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