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Apps that include Chinese lessons. Come to the Chinese lesson app. The only app you have to like. You can learn Chinese anywhere. All the time. To take the contest to use to talk to work or use in the media. This app responds to you. Chinese lessons in this app.
           Lesson 1 Shopping: Jewelry
Lesson 2 Shopping: Discount
Lesson 3 Restaurant: Find a Restaurant
Lesson 4 Restaurant: At the table
Lesson 5 Restaurant: Ordering food
Lesson 6 Restaurant: What is the food taste?
Lesson 7 Restaurant: Preparing food
Lesson 8 Restaurant: Pay
Lesson 9 Food:
Lesson 10 Food: Fruit
Lesson 11 Food: Vegetables
Lesson 12 Food: Other vegetables
Lesson 13 Food: dairy products
Lesson 14 Food: Meat
Lesson 15 Food: At the Bakery
Lesson 16 Food: Drinks and food
Lesson 17 Food: Seafood
Lesson 18 Food: Condiments
Lesson 19 Food: quantity and food container
Lesson 20 Beach: Sunbathing
Lesson 21 Beach: Things to prepare to go to sea.
Lesson 22 Beaches: Sea animals
Lesson 23 Beach: Go swimming
Lesson 24 Beach: Watch out for the underworld
Lesson 25 Beach: I want to sunbathe
Lesson 26: What I like to do
Lesson 27. Vacation: I need
Lesson 28 Holidays: Basic Activities
Lesson 29 Holiday: Pets
Lesson 30 Holidays: Wildlife
Lesson 31 Holidays: Insects
Lesson 32 Holiday: Domestic
Lesson 33 Doctor: Not comfortable
Lesson 34. Doctor: Injury
Lesson 35: Doctor Talking
Lesson 36 Doctor: Getting Help
Lesson 37 Office: Equipment
Lesson 38 Office: Supplies
Lesson 39 Office: Working Desk
Lesson 40 Office: Furniture
Lesson 41 Job: Applying for a Job
Lesson 42 Employment: Job Search
Lesson 43 Employment: How to Use the Internet
Lesson 44 Jobs: Surfing the Internet
Lesson 45 Work: Vocabulary
Lesson 46 Jobs: Recording
Lesson 47 Computer: Parts
Lesson 48 Computer: Email Terminology
Lesson 49 Computer: Specific Languages

  And there are many more in this app.
Chinese Lessons App It can help people who are interested in learning Chinese to learn a lot of vocabulary and improve their language skills with a simple app. There are many Chinese idioms, word-of-mouth, and more than any other app, there are Chinese idioms in online audio. This will allow you to practice pronunciation with native speakers directly, making your Chinese pronunciation.

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