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Christian Biblical Videos, stories of the life of Jesus our God.

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Download free Christian Bible Videos and know the word of Jesus our God through the best biblical stories told in Online Videos format. The most important passages in the Bible are gathered in this new application, dedicated to the life and work of Jesus our God, stories and passages that every good Catholic and apostolic Christian should know.

Knowing the life of Jesus helps us understand each and every one of the values ​​of our Christian faith, Jesus sacrificed himself for all of us for that reason we must eternal gratitude, and what better way than knowing his life, through this new application of Videos Biblical Christians.

If you are a believer and practitioner of the Christian religion, do not hesitate to download this new application for free, it will surely be to your liking, with interesting stories of the life of Jesus illustrates the greatness, wisdom and generosity of the Christian religion.

All the stories and passages of this application are based on The Bible, which deals with the history of the relationship between God and the human being. The Bible reveals to us that God is the creator of the universe. The bible narrates the salvation of mankind that is why knowing it, enlarges our spirit and wisdom.

With this new application of Christian Biblical Videos, you can access stories and passages told in The Bible, The Story of Moses, The Life of Jesus Christ, Easter, The Creed of the Apostles, The Crossing of the Red Sea, The Children of Adam , Noah's Ark and Mount Sinai, are already available in this original application.

The application is very fast to download, totally free and taking up very little space in your mobile terminal, offers various stories and passages from the life of Jesus, videos that are updated periodically so that we can always see new stories and about the life of Jesus.

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