Phrases and teachings to live marriage in the Christian faith

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A Christian couple is happy, because they live in the love of God and Jesus.

Since ancient Christian marriages already existed, we read it in the Bible, as in Canan.

Jesus gives us his teachings in the image of God, with daily prayer, as a family, as a couple.

Download this application and read some of the phrases that we bring you as tips. They are videos for couples and marriages to achieve happiness, with children or without them. There is nothing more beautiful than the love of God or more sublime.

Also in the bible we are told about love, because it is not sinful if it is by the hand of God. With the love of Him there will be no fights, there will be forgiveness, love, affection.

There are biblical texts that we show you as the letters of Saint Paul. The key to a Christian marriage is God, the church and love, with good prayer everything is achieved.

Through the scriptures you will see the wisdom of God, it will make you happier. Enjoy a loving courtship within God.

Download these videos in the application, they will show you their teachings, prayer as a couple with the family, with the children, all with jesus and in hand the bible.

We all have problems, with these teachings we show you a world of prayer with phrases spoken by Jesus.

There are people who can not pray, come to death without having tried Jesus, do not be one of them.

Find forgiveness with these phrases, savor the prayer with biblical texts. Start enjoying that word of hope, start evangelizing. For example, I put Maria and her attitudes, her family, the total surrender, she receives Maria's testament and is happy.

The bible is also juvenile, discover the mother of the Lord, Jesus child. Enjoy biblical places, they will please you. There you will find blessing, zero problems, a world of wisdom and hope with God.

With these phrases gathered in this application you will find the teachings that we must transmit from the couple to the whole family.

Teach the scripture videos to your children, bring Maria to your home, with advice, with Jesus, you will find topics of wisdom, enjoy the praise of the Lord and be a good Christian in prayer and organization.

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