Christmas Tree Xmas Wreath APK

Discover one of the basis of Writing, by a Christmas tree !

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UpdatedDec 11, 2014 (6 years ago)
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A first step !
A Christmas tree in prime time, for children ... or older!
Hang a wreath on a Christmas tree and at the end, watch the little animation! Moreover, the child will learn a writing basic line !
We offer you "Christmas Tree, Wreath", a free sample from LEARNING TO WRITE 1: PREWRITING.
A free version (with advertising) of LEARNING TO WRITE 1: PREWRITING is also available on google play. (And of course, a full paid version!)
As an educational app, "Christmas Tree, Wreath" has been completely designed and realized by the Upbraining team. It was intended specifically to teach prewriting, like other the more than100 challenges of LEARNING TO WRITE 1: PREWRITING. Il therefore complies with kindergarten classes program requirements.
LEARNING TO WRITE 1: PREWRITING will integrate "Christmas Tree, Wreath" to the group "challenges" inthe oriented writing basics lines 6th category.
From now on, in the spirit of your child, fun, learning and academic writing will be associated sustainably. This positive association will be a motivation source for learning at school, and a springboard for future success.

Email: christine@upbraining.net

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