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The most intuitive tuner for every musician, no matter what instrument you play.

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UpdatedMay 21, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Our chromatic tuner for guitar and other instruments is a highly accurate and intuitive chromatic tuner for every musician. Whether you play brass, woodwinds, strings, acoustic guitar, a Fender, or a Gibson, this chromatic tuner allows you to tune your musical instrument to the right pitch, at the same performance quality as a $50 hardware tuner. In addition, this chromatic tuner can be used for pitch ear training, an important talent every musician should master.

With its high accuracy and clarity, this tuner is suitable for every musician, regardless if you play
• a fretted music instrument such as a ukulele or an acoustic, electric or bass guitar
• a fretless music instrument such as violin, cello or contrabass
• a brass or woodwind instrument such as clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone

We have worked with 20+ professional musicians and music teachers who’ve performed in ensembles, big bands, and orchestras, to test and optimize the POCKET TUNE chromatic tuner app for over 30 different musical instruments, including all kinds of woodwind and brass instruments, acoustic and electric guitars from different manufacturers (e.g. Gibson, Fender, Shecter, and ESP), in addition to all string instruments. Moreover, we compared the quality of this tuner app to conventional tuners, such as Seiko and Korg tuners.

• Tune your acoustic, electric or bass guitar to a pitch on the fly. Just play a tone and our chromatic tuner tells you which tone it is and whether or not it’s in perfect pitch.

• Improve your intonation with pitch ear training. Select a tone and practice your intonation. Our tuner shows you if you play in or out of tune with easy to grasp colors.

• Tune your strings (i.e. violin, cello or contrabass) without caring for the correct octave range. Use our tuner to select the target pitch you want to tune to and play it on your instrument. Our chromatic tuner will show you if your pitch is too high (sharp) or too low (flat) on a cent scale.

• As a musician, it is important to train your ear. Our chromatic tuner lets you play reference tones, just like a diapason, through your phone's speakers. Use this feature to improve your sense of hearing with ease and to practice tuning your instruments, such as an acoustic guitar or ukulele, by ear.

• Adjust the concert pitch with our tuner app. Are you playing a woodwind or brass instrument in a band or orchestra? Our chromatic tuner allows you to adjust the default pitch to whatever frequency you need, regardless if it is 438Hz, 440Hz or 444Hz.

Download our chromatic tuner now and join our passion for music!

We love what we do and want to make the best possible product for you. If you have any feedback let us know and send an email to support@fretello.com

* The actual accuracy of the tuner app depends on the quality of your device's microphone

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Use your Android Wear device to tune your instrument.

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