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CircleCare provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

Keep your employees motivated to live healthily -

▌Start a corporate wellness program - Reward, engage and appreciate your co-workers to cultivate healthy workplace culture.

▌A simple, easy-to-use mission control - Easily filter, tag and manage users. Quickly identify people who haven't synced or are reporting a low level of activity or engagement. Create a challenge group in less than 60 seconds. Select from various challenges and engagement modules.

▌Healthy Living - Recieve motivation to be active, take regular medicines, celebrate healthy lifestyle achievements, use the family motivation as a reminder to check your vitals – blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate.

▌Learn - Great health hacks and share your experiences in public circles.

▌Diabetes and Hypertension Management - Get timely medication reminder, Keep regular logs of blood pressure and blood sugar readings and monitor them regularly, learn & share experiences with other people with similar health conditions.

▌Weight Loss - Want to walk off extra weight & calories? Set up your daily steps goal and track to make sure you are achieving it.

▌Be Active - CircleCare will keep you motivated to be active with daily steps ranking competition and milestone badges.

▌Appreciate - Send/Receive Kudos (badges) to celebrate every accomplishment or to acknowledge efforts for achieving health goals.

CircleCare – Build a health and wellness support network.

Build a health and wellness support network with friends, family & co-workers, where everyone can motivate each other to achieve their health goals. CircleCare brings the power of smartphones and social networking to make families feel like they are living under one roof and live healthily.

Motivate friends, family & co-workers to follow the healthy lifestyle

► A private & secured health and wellness support network to keep each other motivated and inspired to healthy living - appreciate, love and take care of each other. Share every precious life moment with pictures, videos, and badges! Stay updated with what’s going on in each other’s lives! No need to be hesitant in what you say and what you share - it's a circle of your friends, family & co-workers!

► Anonymously participate in public groups to stay updated with all the latest health and wellness news, health hacks, treatment options, Q&A & discussions.

► Motivate yourself to be more active by connecting your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends, family, and coworkers no matter what device they use.

► Feel Inspired to achieve health goals by celebrating the milestones and receive encouragement from others in public circles to overcome more obstacles to wellness.

►Send personalized badges to acknowledge and appreciate your loved one's healthy lifestyle choices.

► Any data, including pictures within CircleCare, are encrypted with the user's encryption keys - No one outside of your circle will have access or be able to view them.


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What's New

In our continued effort to improve your CircleCare experience, we bring updates to the Play Store regularly. Every update of CircleCare includes improvements and bug fixes.

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