If you like XOXO games, puzzle games or match 3 - you'll love this game!

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Free download Circles - Puzzle Game with Color Rings 1.0 apk game latest version for android


Circles - Puzzle Game with Color Rings

This is a very simple and relaxing game of color circles and stacks. It's combined from match 3 games and color lines. In the other way, you could see it's familiar to XOXO games Tic tac toe. User need to switch the color rings on one in nine stacks on the board. One spot can stack maximum 3 rings in different sizes, color doesn't matter. When 3 same color rings form a line or a full stack, they will explode and score up.

Is it simple ? It is, and not as easy as you think. Arrange 3 same color rings in a row, a column, a cross might be easy at some first moves. But when the number of colors increase, it's getting harder and you must think much before making a switch to the right Circle!

If you like Tic tac toe, XOXO games or Color Puzzle games, you would love this one touch puzzle game very much. Very simple and take short time to play, you could play with your children or even teach them to play. Puzzle games always a good choice for parents to cooperate with their kids.

Some cool features of Circles - Puzzle Game with Color Rings

* Easy to move, just touch on the right stack and the color rings will switch on
* Easy to think, just match 3 same color rings to get score
* Simple sound and gameplay, no need to think very much
* A good choice to play in spare time
* Earn undo moves by watching video ads (you would need undoes very much for this Puzzle game)

Have you ever think color Circles could make a good puzzle game like this Circles?

It's absolutely free puzzle game. Relax and enjoy Circles - Puzzle with Color Rings

What's New

- Collect circles in a line
- The more points you type, the harder the game
- Try to clear the screen from the circles
- A beautiful and addictive puzzle game

Latest Version

Circles - Puzzle Game with Color Rings 1.0

Updated: 2018-06-03 (1 year ago)

1.0 (2) 2018-07-11