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City Ambulance Rescue Duty Simulator APK

Rescue the patients in city passing by the dense traffic using your ambulance.

There has been a massive accident and you’re the on-duty ambulance driver! Get the doctor to the injured ASAP! Lives are at stake; it’s a rescue mission! Rush your ambulance around the city to get to the scene of accident in time.Enjoy City Ambulance Rescue Duty Simulator and fulfill your rescue duty in your areas.This city is in thrill and accident and you have to safely drive your city ambulance and take injured people to the nearest hospital. Use your city ambulance to help people. Call ambulance using 911 or 1122. You are doing the real ambulance rescue driving. Human life is much precious, so value them.

Play as a rescue ambulance driver and save injured patients in need on curvy city roads. Drive fast, yet safely, and use reckless driving skills to dish out aid. Turn on ambulance sirens and push the throttle to race fast. On this fragile task, look out for the hurdles, sharp turns and incoming traffic cars. Packed with thrilling rescue missions, time and efficiency is what matters most in simulator game. Feel the thrill of steering the ambulance through beautiful yet dangerous city environment. Play the most anticipated emergency simulator game, Nothing is as stimulating as saving a human life. As an ambulance accident rescue driver your agility, courage and alertness will determine that whether the doctor will be able to rescue the patient on time or not. You are the responsible city ambulance rescue driver. Finish your ambulance free duty first.

This ambulance game has many rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency all the time. You can driving around the big city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach. It's crazy how the city lives - people are walking, cars are crossing. Get in your ambulance, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer. Play as a 1122 rescue ambulance driver and run into injured patients in need on curvy city roads.

Key Features of City Ambulance Rescue Duty Simulator:
• Easy Controls with steer and tilt features.
• Siren on/off button
• Map to get directions
• Exciting gameplay with realistic sounds


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