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All important civil engineering Quantity Surveying,Concrete and Steel notes

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Civil engineering is one of the best and oldest disciplines in engineering work. In this civil engineering app (Civil Notes), we cover up to 150+ topics related to quantity surveying, steel, and concrete. The quantity surveying is the important branch of civil engineering, because, without proper quantity calculations, the construction work will not proceed smoothly. The civil engineering discipline deal in maintaining, building, and designing in our modern society foundations. The field of civil engineering can touches in our daily life, such as in Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Tunneling, and much more.

This app:

The Civil Notes is designed for fresh civil engineers to gain civil engineering knowledge under one page. In this civil engineering app, the engineers can learn a lot of things, which may use in their daily field works. The Civil Notes app is ideal for quantity surveyors because we include almost all important quantity surveying topics. The fresh quantity surveyor can receive a quality education by using this Civil Notes app. The quantity surveyors and civil engineers can also prepare their exam and interview questions, by using this app. You can download this app free.

Topics included in this app
Quantity Calculations (30+ topics)
Concrete Notes (20+ topics)
Steel Notes (20+ topics)

Quantity Calculation includes:
BBS of column footing
Cutting Length of Diamond Stirrups
BBS of Beam
Cutting length of bent up bar
Quantity of Cement, Sand, and Aggregate in Concrete Slab
BBS of column
Quantity of Paints calculation
Bricks Quantity calculation
BBS of one-way slabs
Cutting Length of Rectangular stirrups
BBS of two-way slabs
Quantity of concrete blocks
Proof of 13.5 bricks in 1 cft
Quantity of Tiles
Quantity of Plaster calculation
Cutting length of circular stirrups
Quantity of water in a circular tank
BBS of the circular slab
Cutting length of Triangular stirrups
Quantity of shuttering oil
The volume of retaining wall
Cutting length of the spiral bar
Shuttering area calculation
Weight of steel bar and weight
The volume of Frustum Calculation
The volume of 50 kg bag
Quantity of water in a UGWT
The volume of concrete cube

Concrete Topic includes:
What is concrete
Concrete Materials
Ready Mix Concrete
Self-compacting Concrete
Reinforced cement concrete
Segregation in concrete
Shot creating
Chemical and Mineral Admixtures
Types of cement
Grades of cement
Poisson's Ratio
Bleeding in Concrete
Thermal properties of concrete
Errors in concrete construction
Effect of Age on Concrete Strength
Field Test on cement
Bacterial Concrete
Cellular concrete(CC)
Concrete Cracks repairing
Fiber reinforced concrete(FRC)
Causes of Cracks in Concrete
Reinforced brick concrete(RBC)

Steel topics include:
Errors in the placement of Reinforcement
The lapping of steel bars in different concrete mix
Detail of reinforcement as per IS codes
Reinforcement detailing in structural drawings.
Reinforcement fabrication
Purpose and location of steel in concrete
Bar bending schedule
Why Crank's bars provided in slabs
Corrosion of reinforcement in concrete
Desirable Properties of reinforcement
Types of steel bars
Tolerance in placing of reinforcement
Chairs reinforcement
Splicing of reinforcement
weight of steel in different diameter
Detailing of joints
Cover and spacing of bars
Thermo-Mechanically treated bars
Micro- Alloyed steel
CTD Bars

All these topics are discussed in this app in detail. The quantity topics are explained with pictures and examples.

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