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Jun 19, 2019
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Class Society GAME

From red class the lowest hierarchy to diamond class the highest hierarchy
A dreamy class society that anyone who tries their best can reach higher!

Although I'm born as red class…
Anyone can reach higher who tries their best in this class society!!

Work hard and earn money!
Money is justice and truth in class society.

Accumulate huge wealth!
You can be promoted to the next rank if you accumulate money and lift your self-esteem.

Change your job by promoting!
More money and honor will follow you.

Challenge to 10 kinds of jobs!
Life is not just about money!!

Make happy family and raise your daughter pretty!
This will be your true happiness!

From red to dia, from physical labor to member of the national assembly
A class society that hierarchy is divided with job and money!
But there's always hope!
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