Clean up your pet salon so your pets are healthy with this clean up game


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Jul 3, 2019

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Clean Up Pet Salon GAME

Looking after other peoples pets is a great responsibility and with this clean up game you get to have the chance to clean up your pet salon before your new pet clients come in. Here you can have fun rearranging bottles and dog food, removing the dog poo, cleaning the toys, mopping up spilt water, as well as hanging up the clothes, sweeping the floor, and so much more. So if you love animals and want to care for them in a clean and healthy environment, look no further than this free online clean up game today and see if you can have your pet salon up and running before your pet clients come in.


Get rid of the smell by removing the dog poo from the floor.

Place the pet toys back in their box ready for the next day’s fun.

Rearrange the bottles and food on the shelves ready so they are easy to find.

Hang the dog clothes up so they don’t get wrinkled.

Mop up any water that was accidently spilt on the floor to reduce slipping.

Sweep any dirt out the door so it isn’t tracked throughout the salon.
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