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GamesCleaning Hotel Room - Princess room APK
DeveloperHaresty Duc /
Version1.0.0 (1000000)
UpdatedMay 01, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 23, 2019 (11 months ago)
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where you are a hotel manager that needs to look after his business in order to not stain his reputation. Your job in this cleaning game is to make sure you get rid of this mess trying to refresh the design of these hotel's rooms with some tricks and different styles. First is the reception room and then you will have to make sure you clean one of the hotel's room. The other things you have to do are: to get rid of the garbage, to collect it and place it in the trash can, to wash the carpet and make sure you don’t see any footprints over there, to wash the tv and then to wipe it, to erase the spider’s web and the dust. There are a lot of stains you need to get rid of and in order to clean the place you will use different devices like a vacuum cleaner or the special spray with that napkin.
games of entertaining house cleaning game reality and interesting, and is one of the Arab games felt clean game beautiful games of living room very nice go separate in the beautiful game house cleaning great and get acquainted with this beautiful piece life and but a lot of chaos, where the homeowners have four miserable riotous kids and played too much room in the absence of their parents, and here they want to clean the room before their parents return so as not to not punish them go in the beautiful game and Saeidihm that clean the room soon and before the time allotted for themgreat AAB house and clean the room storage coordinate cleaning and sweeping the room from all the existing things on offline unwanted He is a little princess who holds all kinds Maany and compassion for all human beings, even those who Egerhunha Hey now need a help Ki organi Serve the room and erase the dirt discovered Pkinsha and organize and put the things that are in the room and put it in the allocated place.
It seems like keeping a home in order is a bit harder than anyone could imagine. So, you might want to see how the house is clean and each procedure that needs to be done in order to maintain the things in their place. Check out this cleaning game and find secret tricks that will help you with your tasks. Try to do the chores around the house and maybe you will learn something that you could apply in the real life because this game will definitely teach you how to do it. Have a unique experience with this cleaning game and try to make it appear as a lovely pink house.
You can have fun cleaning up this princess room or castle or house with different activities like, straighten the lights, wall hangings, lamps, furniture, rearrange her dolls, soft toys, and other items, scrub the stains, sweep and mop the floors, wipe the wall stains, remove spider webs using duster, arrange dining table with fresh fruit bowl and dishes, vacuum the floor and throw away the junk and so much more! Renovate and decorate rooms in princess mansion! Take care of this dream home by cleaning and decorating it. Ever wanted to be a princess and live in a beautiful castle? Your dream comes true with My Princess Castle! The best princess game of all times is here! Build and renovate your dream castle!
When working for royalty, they can sometimes be messy, especially when it comes to a princess. With this princess cleaning game, you can have fun cleaning your princess's room before returning home. Here you can straighten furniture, lights and wall decorations, clean cobwebs, rearrange dolls and other items, as well as throw garbage, scrub stains, sweep floors and more! So if you want a challenge and test your cleaning skills, why not try this free online princess room
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Cleaning Hotel Room - Princess room APK