Description: Clenetix APK

Version1.3.2 (153)
UpdatedMar 19, 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)
DeveloperActive Workspace Management
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Revolutionising service by directing operatives to work in a way that delivers

Revolutionising managing output service specifications, directing operatives to work in a way that truly delivers the required standards and outcomes for people in the workplace. The app learns as it used to make it more and more effective over time and driving activity to match how a space is actually being used.

What does it do?
• Clenetix is a smartphone app for managing output specification activities.
• Allows you to simply measure the standard of an area before you carry out an activity, so this can be tracked.
• Uses IoT sensor data to look at how an area is being used.
• Takes data streams and applies a bit of data science to direct someone to carry out tasks at the correct time to get the best outcomes.

Who is this for?
• Occupiers who want their workspaces to be at the best possible standard for their people throughout the working day.
• Facilities management companies that want to manage output specification in a far smarter way.
• Facilities management partnerships where they want to focus investments on delivering better outcomes over time.
• Anyone struggling to get real benefit out of investments in IoT.

What’s the benefit?
• Things are where they need to be at the point people want to interact with them.
• All activity is focussed on producing better outcomes.
• Services improves and get smarter over time.
• Reactive activity is reduced and all the costs that come with it.