Clicky Kitty APK

Click cats, not cookies.

Version1.1 (3)
UpdatedJan 27, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperAslan Development
CategoryGames, Casual

Have cookies ever done anything for you? No. Cookies make you fat and bring you to an earlier death. So why do we click cookies as if our lives depend on it? Does it even make sense? Have you ever tried clicking a cookie in real life? I have. Your fingers just get covered in crumbs and chocolate. 0/10; would not recommend. Cookie clicker has failed us.

But Clicky Kitty will save us. Think about it. Cats don't make you fat. Cats don't bring you to an earlier death. When you try to click a cat in real life, it just meows at you and your fingers get to feel a luxurious fur coat. If you've never tried it, I would definitely recommend doing so. Sometimes the cat even likes it and will purr for you (but mostly they just meow).

Clicky Kitty has 18 different types of cats, ranging from common breeds to mythical beasts, and over 100 possible upgrades earning you ₥ (meows). Each cat has a unique ₥Ps (meows per second). Beautiful kitty pixel art and smooth animations make you want to keep clicking to get wonderful meows.

Buy ten of a type of cat, and your face cat becomes that cat! Level yourself up until you become the ultimate cat: Sammy.

Once you've achieved full upgrade-dom, reset to earn prestige and do it all again!

It's not pay to win: the only thing that you can buy is an upgrade to remove ads. Otherwise, everything is beautiful and free for you to enjoy.

Email: aslandeveloping@gmail.com

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