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feel and watch steam clock at gastown tourist district on your android screen. steam clock street is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of beautiful and calming scenery of wet street during a rainy night in vancouver's touristy gastown district at the steam clock, sparking yellowish glow and misty atmosphere perfect to calm your mind. underneath vancouver, canada, there runs a series of steam pipes connected to a generating plant at georgia and beatty streets. get this live clock wallpaper and timer wallpaper now. the system provides heat to most of the downtown core, and provides the steam for the whistles of the gastown steam clock. despite seeming like a remnant of the victorian era and being located in vancouver’s gastown (which was the original townsite from which vancouver grew in the 1870s), the steam clock is actually from a hundred years later, built in 1977 by horologist raymond saunders and metalwork specialist doug smith. saunders was hired by gastown’s local merchants to build the clock as a monument.

it also had an alternative purpose placed over a steam grate above one of the aforementioned pipes, it kept local homeless from sleeping on the warm spot. the analog clock wallpaper is likely only the second steam clock ever constructed, the first having been built by englishman john inshaw in 1859, to draw customers to his tavern. because inshaw’s clock was small and very inaccurate as a time keeper saunders had to reinvent the steam clock from scratch. the new vintage clock proved to be finicky and hard to keep running and required additional funds to get it working properly. saying the clock is steam powered is a bit of a misnomer, as the clockworks itself is powered by descending weights. the mini-steam engine at the base of the analog clock case takes up the role of the human winder by raising a series of ball weights and delivering the weights to the clock live wallpaper drive train. but the steam engine is connected by a rubber belt to an electric motor hidden from view much more reliable than steam power. but critics like vancouver comedian colin sharp say the retro clock is an icon they would prefer the city not be known for. it's presented in a way that makes countless tourists think that it's some kind of ancient device, when it's actually from 1977.

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