Transfer clockskins to and from your full Android watch

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Version1.4 (5)
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Free download Clockskin Transfer 1.4 apk app latest version for android


Manage your full Android (not Wear OS) watch faces quickly and easily through your browser. Just enable Wi-Fi on your watch, open Clockskin Transfer and you can access it with any browser on your computer, phone or tablet.

- List all the watch faces on your watch, presenting a preview of each of them.
- Upload .zip files containing ClockSkin watch faces. They will be automatically unpacked and placed at the correct clockskin folder (creating it if it doesn't exist yet). Multiple watch faces on a single .zip file is supported and all of them will be installed at once.
- Upload .watch files (requires Universal Launcher on the watch to use them).
- Install watch faces as .zip file to save space, even if the uploaded .zip file has multiple watch faces, on multiple folders (requires Universal Launcher on the watch to use them).
- Delete watch faces on your watch with one click.
- Download watch faces from your clock to your computer/phone/tablet.
- View full-resolution watch face preview.

What's New

Fixed a bug when a folder had a name ending in .zip

Latest Version

Clockskin Transfer 1.4

Updated: 2019-02-04 (9 months ago)

1.4 (5) 2019-02-06
1.3 (4) 2019-01-30
1.2 (3) 2018-08-25
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