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At present the existence of a wardrobe in a dwelling is no longer just a place to store clothes, but now its function has been turned into a part of the home interior and certainly provides a home aesthetic touch. The wardrobe located in this bedroom serves to store clothes and other items.

Most people don't really care about the existence of this wardrobe. They still consider clothes to be part of home furniture and a place to store clothes. Even though more than that wardrobe is one of the interior elements that greatly supports the beauty of the interior of the house.

Many people buy ready-made clothes with designs that do not match the interior of the house. If you have a large bedroom, of course, buying a wardrobe that has become a problem is not too much. But if your bedroom is small then a closet that is too large will make the room cramped and the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable.
Wardrobe, Wardrobe Between Function and Aesthetics, Rumahuni Permata Pilar

In designing home interior design, it seems you should pay attention to the existence of the cabinets so that their presence is a plus for the home interior. With the selection of designs that fit the curves and the concept of space, the wardrobe can give an exclusive impression and make the interior of the bedroom more attractive.

Currently the design of wardrobe is indeed growing and the existence of clothes is not just fulfilling functions but is a support for the lifestyle. If you have a limited space such as an apartment, you can choose a built-in closet with a sliding door system that seems practical and exclusive.
Wardrobe, Wardrobe Between Function and Aesthetics, Rumahuni Permata Pilar

To make the room seem spacious you also combine your wardrobes with glass. With the built-in wardrobe you can use up to maximum space and a neater appearance and appearance. This built-in cupboard allows you not only to store clothes but also other items such as shoes, bed sheets, books or even items that are not used but you have not had the chance to donate.

Things that need to be considered in choosing the design of your clothes are lighting or lighting. Good lighting not only makes it easy for you to find clothes or desired items but also gives a luxurious and exclusive impression to your wardrobe as a whole.

For that, before you decide to buy clothes, you have to think carefully about the design, function, location and utilization in the future. You have to remember that clothes are not just furniture for storing clothes but also become part of the aesthetics of your home.

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