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Get ready for the best version of your day. Clothes Colors by Aur helps you to pick the right colors to wear which will specifically help you to achieve your selected goals for each day.

Have an Important Presentation?
Find out which colors will help boost your confidence while helping you to be seen and heard.

Are you spending time with friends and family?
Get clothing color suggestions that will help enrich your conversations and relationships.

Need some time to yourself?
Discover what your “do not disturb” colors are for the day to enjoy the peace and relaxation you deserve.
There are many other pre-programmed activities to select from.
Ever wonder…
Do the colors you wear affect your social interactions, work, energy levels, and how others interact with you?
They do!
Every color we wear has a specific effect on our behavior and how others interact with us.
Wearing a particular color may help you in one way;
i.e. red may help boost your energy levels for a more intense gym workout.
But, that same activating color wouldn’t be right to wear if you wanted to relax on the couch on your day off, would it? That’s why we must choose the right color for the right activity.
We are also each uniquely different. That’s why colors don’t have the same effect on you as they would on someone else.
Your “Good Colors” depend on the day you were born, your gender, sexual orientation, and what you plan to do for the day.
like the seasons, our lives change every day.
One day:
We wake up energized, ready to conquer and master our personal journey.
The next…
All we want to do is stay in bed and hide under the sheets.
Fortunately, Clothes Colors by Aur takes all of this into account for you.
Using a proprietary Astrology algorithm developed by Weekday Astrology Expert, Aur, Clothes Colors creates unique daily color recommendations calculated explicitly for you, based on your profile and chosen activity for the day.
Rest assured knowing you are ready and in harmony with nature to get the most out of your day.
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New Feature:
Added date selector for future and past dates
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